Making an online payment is not difficult, but it has to be done in the correct order. This walkthrough will help you to get everything right.

From the front page of the website ( navigate to the upper right menu, MEMBERSHIP and wait until the menu appears.

From the menu select the second option, PAY MEMBERSHIP FEE by clicking it once.

The new screen will offer you three different membership fees. Select the one that is appropriate for your situation and click the Add to Cart button. You will be automatically taken to the next screen.

Please check if you ordered the correct membership type and see that the mentioned Quantity is what it should be. If everything is correct, click on Proceed to Checkout.

Some browsers might show a warning now stating that the security certificate is not valid. Don’t panic. Everything is secure and you can select to continue. The following screen asks you to fill in your contact information.

(click image to enlarge)


When you’re done and you’ve filled in all the required fields, select the PayPal button at the lower right of the screen. From here you will be taken to the Paypal screen where you can pay through credit card or PayPal accuont.

(click image to enlarge)

Should you run into problems, or you need further assistance please contact technical support and we will guide you through the process.

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