A conference on the the Europe Region is being held in New Jersey by the CALC in the 20th and 21st September 2018. The conference’s theme is Brexit from the drafters’ perspective. A particular emphasis is how Brexit might affect territories outside of the UK. 

Though it is a regional conference, CALC will be pleased to have delegates from the overseas territories, and anyone else interested in this important and topical matter.

The outline progamme includes the following topics:

·     Examining the sprint: reflecting on the withdrawal legislation

·     The longer journey: legislating post-Brexit

·     Brexit: how are the Crown Dependencies and the Overseas Territories placed in the race?

·     Land borders with the EU: legislative implications

·     Drafting instructions: coping with the hiatus (with reference to key areas such as customs and taxation, immigration, trade, financial services and agricultural and fisheries)

·     Henry VIII takes up the baton: Brexit and powers

·     Statutory Interpretation post-Brexit.

Optional social activities are available the following weekend, 22-23 September 2018.

Registrations until the 31 July 2018: email your completed registration form to L.MarshSmith@gov.je and calc.treas@gmail.com

Queries:  L.MarshSmith@gov.je
Lucy Marsh-Smith (Principal Legislative Drafter, Legislative Drafting Office, Jersey).