Changing the way regulation is delivered

9-11 September
Central London, UK

The UK Government organizes the second international conference on the important topic of inspection reform. There we will explore how changing the way regulation is delivered can help create a better business environment.

Across the world, regulation is used by governments to achieve better economic and social outcomes. Often we have failed to recognise that the way regulation is delivered – whether through inspections, advice, sampling, enforcement – can be as important as the regulation itself. Regulatory delivery has a real world impact on us all. When regulation is delivered in the right way it both protects citizens, workers and the environment, and supports businesses to comply and prosper. The right way is in a way that is risk based, proportionate and transparent.

This conference will build on the themes of the first International Inspection Reform conference held in 2012.

  • How to improve business confidence and control.
  • How to identify the drivers of change towards a better regulatory environment.
  • How transparency can increase trust amongst external markets to increase trade and secure investment from foreign markets.

The conference will bring together evidence and practice from around the world. It provides an opportunity for countries working towards a common goal of a better regulatory environment for trade and investment and break down barriers to trade and investment. This will be engaged in dialogue with countries facing similar challenges and share case studies.

Across the three day programme, delegates will engage in plenary discussions with speakers from World Bank Group, OECD, and the UK Government. You have the opportunity to share learning and case studies relevant to your own reform challenges. The final day is dedicated to practical visits to businesses to discuss the impact of enforcement and inspections from the business perspective and the regulatory barriers to export.

The conference is hosted by the UK Government Better Regulation Delivery Office, working in partnership with the World Bank Group, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, OECD and with the support of the UK Department for International Development’s IFUSE programme.

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