Since 1995, the International Legislative Drafting Institute at Tulane University in New Orleans has offered a two-week training opportunity for more than 600 legislative drafters and members from 100+ jurisdictions around the globe.

The training is a two-week summer program that responds to the worldwide demand on legislative drafters for new laws to support the emergence of free market economies and democratic forms of government. The Institute draws together diverse domestic and international faculty members experienced in the legislative process.

This year’s Institute training will be held June 11-22 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The training, intended for both lawyer and non-lawyer drafters, emphasizes pragmatic learning—not theory but practice. Participants will “learn by doing” through drafting exercises, research assignments, and preparation of a formulary for use in their own drafting offices. Afternoon roundtable discussions will enable participants to share ideas and information with each other, learning “how we did it” in response to numerous common problems of interest to drafters.

The training also emphasizes the importance of public participation and describes an appropriate role for interest groups and individuals in the legislative process.

The Institute’s website provides information about curriculum, accommodations, and registration, as well as a two-minute video introduction to the Institute.

Special conditions offered until May 18 2018.

More information here.