On 1 to 3 January 2019 a group of legislation scholars and experts from various disciplines and various countries held an International Workshop on Omnibus Legislation, under the auspices of the Bar-Ilan University Faculty of Law, the Israeli Association of Legislation and the Israeli Science Foundation.

The purpose of the international workshop was to contribute to the Israeli and global debates about omnibus legislation (as well as the debate about judicial review of omnibus legislation).

The goal was to facilitate a comprehensive, thorough and multifaceted debate, which will contribute to the academic fields of law, legislation and jurisprudence, political science, public policy and economics. The goal, moreover, was to contribute not only to the academic debates, but also to benefit practitioners in parliaments, governments and courts, thereby making potential impact on the actual use of omnibus legislation in Israel and beyond.

Read Prof. Patricia Popelier’s Conclusions of the International Workshop on Omnibus Legislation here.