Legislative Drafting for the EU calls for reform in the design of EU legislation to bolster its strength in political, social, and economic spheres. The book offers technical guidance on how to achieve such reform through drafting, and underlines the importance of accessible communication to create collective ownership of the regulatory aims.

This innovative book reveals the weaknesses in the current drafting of EU law and recommends concrete changes for these regulations and directives in order to aid transposition. Highlighting the importance of drafting techniques, Helen Xanthaki offers an insightful analysis of EU legislation and emphasises the benefit of citizen-centred law-making in sustaining loyalty and trust in the EU. The author explores how reform is necessary to reflect the current usage of EU legislative expressions as the final legislative text for regulation, both at supranational and national levels. Considering the best ways to aid this reform, the book discusses legislative effectiveness and regulatory efficacy, Thornton’s methodology, and the use of easified and gender inclusive language to achieve clarity, precision, and unambiguity.

The book information page is: https://www.e-elgar.com/shop/usd/legislative-drafting-for-the-eu-9781788114332.html  

The author would be grateful to all colleagues who can review the book in journals. For free copies for revews, please contact Helen at h.xanthaki@ucl.ac.uk