A new edition of The Loophole is now available.

The Loophole is a journal for the publication of articles on drafting, legal, procedural and management issues relating to the preparation and enactment of legislation.

In this edition you will find the following articles:

  • Editor’s Notes (John Mark Keyes)
  • Charter of Rights Statements: A New Practice Develops Growing Pains (Charlie Feldman)
  • Rediscovering the Polar Star: A Close Look at Legislative Intent and Statutory Interpretation (Srdan ‘Serge’ Durica)
  • The basics of symbolic formal logic as a useful tool for legislative counse (Matthew Waddington)
  • An Impossible Dream: Modernization Committee Efforts to Make the U.S. Congress Work Better (Catherine Pagano)
  • Book Review: The Lawyer’s Style Guide: A Student and Practitioner Guide

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