A special issue of e-Pública – Electronic Journal of Public Law (Vol. 8, n.º 2, 2021) is out.

This edition of the e-Pública is dedicated to two themes – nudging and gold-plating – in the context of the transposition of European Union directives. The articles are the result of presentations and comments made by their authors at the ICON-S (International Society of Public Law) 2021 Conference, which had as its general theme “The Future of Public Law”.

Furthermore, part of the analysis derives from research work carried out under the project ‘LegImpact – The law-making as a means of implementing public policies: quantitative and socioeconomic analysis’, an ongoing research project under the aegis of the Nova School of Law/CEDIS and the Institute for Legal and Political Sciences of the University of Lisbon School of Law.

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