The International Association of Legislation and the Centre for Legislative Studies (Zentrum für Rechtsetzungslehre-ZfR) are organizing the 2021 Zurich IAL Conference with the topic “Multilingual Legislation”, on September 13-14, 2021. This Conference celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Centre for Legislative Studies.

The conference is expected to be held virtually and on-site. 

Speakers (preliminary)

Day 1: Opening remarks: Thomas Gächter (Dean of the Faculty of Law)

Lucja Biel (Poland), Roxanne Guerard (Canada), Stefan Höfler (Switzerland), Karen McAuliffe (UK/Ireland), Patricia Popelier (Belgium), Felix Uhlmann (Panel discussion)

Day 2: Opening address: Corina Casanova (former Federal Chancellor)

Giovanni Bruno & Jean-Luc Egger (Federal Chancellery), Andreas Glaser (Centre for Democracy), Philipp Spoerri (Canton of Valais), Cornelia Staudinger (University of Geneva), Rico Valär (University of Zurich)

Read more about the conference here.