Protego (Procedural Tools for Effective Governance) is an advanced project funded by the European Research Council.

Protego is commissioning a temporary assignment that requires technical expertise in one or more of the following domains and administrative procedures across one or more of the European Union’s 28 countries:

  1. General principles of administrative action, in particular: public bodies’ obligations about transparency and giving reasons in rulemaking
  2. Notice and comment procedures (often found in formal consultation guidance and obligations to notify the inception of rulemaking)
  3. Public bodies’ obligations to release information (reference legal text: Freedom of Information Act)
  4. Impact Assessment (reference legal texts: governmental guidelines to draft Impact Assessment)
  5. Ombudsman (reference legal texts: Ombudsman regulations and statutes)
  6. Judicial review of administrative acts (often found in texts of court procedures or within Administrative Procedure Acts

If you are interested in taking part in this project, please send a maximum 2-page CV and your expression of interest to

More information: here.

Deadline: March 23 2018.