LexisNexis and the Conseil National d’Evaluation des Normes (CNEN) are organizing an e-colloquium on November 26, starting at 2 p.m., devoted to improving the quality of law through the generalization of good practices.

Introduced by Alain Lambert, former Ministre et Président du Conseil National d’Evaluation des Normes, this e-colloquium will focus on presenting the difficulties faced by law in its adaptation to the general context and innovative solutions to improve its quality and practice.

Under the scientific direction of Pierre de Montalivet (Professor at Paris XII University), this event will bring together more than 20 personalities from the world of law, (those who make the law, those who interpret it, and those who apply it) in a debate organized around 4 successive round tables:

  • How to improve the drafting quality of the law? How to train legal drafters? How can we communicate better and make the law accessible to all?
  • How to assess the impact of law and its application? Who are the actors in charge of these missions? How to take into account feedback from the field?
  • How to make the law more intelligible to the general public? Are digital tools the answer to this situation? How to control the quality of the law and ultimately the legal security of democracy? Who are the authoritative actors?

These debates aim to bring about this change in normative culture, by innovating both in form and in substance.

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