A new edition of the Commonwealth Association of Legislative Counsel (CALC) Newsletter has been released.

The May 2021 edition include:

• CALC President’s Report—May 2021

• Drafting through the pandemic: a view from London

• India – COVID-19 crisis – plight of people of India

• New Zealand: New Chief Parliamentary Counsel

• Australian Government OPC, Canberra, Australia: Meredith Leigh acting First Parliamentary Counsel

• Canada: Nova Scotia Update

• CALC – Collaboration with Australian Society for Computers & Law (AUSCL) – Rules as Code

• Australia – Senate Committee Report on Australia as a Technology and Financial Centre – Rules as Code –

• CALC – Collaboration with Regulatory Institute –Institute’s Handbook: How to regulate? (2nd edition)

• Case note: Regulatory charges and Henry VIII clauses in the Supreme Court of Canada’s References re Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act

• John McCluskie CB QC

• Clive Borrowman — Law drafting adventurer finally laid to rest in Jersey

• Some items of interest

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