The  Socio – Legal Studies Association (SLSA) and the Scottish Law Comission (SLS), in collaboration with the Law Commission of England and Wales and the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS), are holding a conference on the topic Impact and Law Reform in the United Kingdom, which will take place on June 11 2019, at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London.

‘Impact’ has become an increasingly important aspect of academic work over the last decade. This conference, co-organised by the Law Subject Associations and the Law Commissions aims to reflect on how academic legal research has influenced and informed law reform in the past, engage in debate and dialogue on contemporary law reform projects, and equip legal researchers with the tools they require to generate legal and policy impacts in the future.

The conference seeks to address the following questions: 
•  How can legal researchers work with the Law Commissions to advance law reform agendas? 
•  What approaches to impact and law reform have worked well in the past? 
•  How can legal researchers develop the skills required to facilitate legal and policy impact? 
•  What are the foreseeable future challenges and opportunities for legal and policy impact?

More information and registrations here.