The University of Exeter will host the 2020 conference of the Standing Group on Regulation & Governance of the European Consortium for Political Research.

The conference will gather around 300 lawyers, political scientists and sociologists. Regulatory reform, quality of legislation and lawmaking will feature prominently in this conference.

The conference will benefit from support from our board member Prof. Dr. Claudio Radaelli’s ERC grant on Procedural Tools for Effective Governance.

You can submit papers and panels directly on the conference website, or liaise with Professors Doctors Helen Xanthaki & Claudio Radaelli if you wish to showcase IAL in an original format, eg posters, IAL desk with our publications, invited speakers from the world of practice and lawmaking.

In due course, more information will be available on the conference website: here.

Local organizer: Professor Dr. Alison Harcourt (

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