The European Commission evaluated the Member States transposition of European Directives into national legislation in 2017.

Fourteen Member States have improved their overall performance since December 2016 (in particular Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania and Finland, which went directly from the red zone to the green) and only 4 Member States worsened it (the Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland and the United Kingdom). Portugal went from the last place in the ranking to 4th place.

The remaining 10 Member States have equalled their previous performance. This is a significant improvement. In one year, the ratio of good to bad performers was reversed.

Among the Member States that maintained their performance stable from December 2016, 5 are above EU average (Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Malta and Slovakia) and 2 are below it (Spain and Ireland).

From 12 Member States  in December 2016 to 6 today not complying with the transposition deadlines, the improvement is significant and shows the Member States’ commitment in ensuring the proper functioning of the Single Market.

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