The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS) is developing a research project on Law Reform.

Law reform in its many guises bridges the divide between the practical and the academic. In both common law and civil law jurisdictions there is a continuing need to review existing law – both statute and case law – to ensure it remains fit for purpose and relevant to the current needs of government and society. The means employed to achieve these aims, and to deliver revision where that is called for, will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and will take various forms.

The most recent event of the IALS Law Reform Project was its 4th workshop, held at the IALS on 1 November 2018.

The main theme was Law Reform: Implementation, discussed from the following perspectives:

  1. Executive perspective (Australia)
  2. Law Commission perspective (UK)
  3. Law Commission perspective (New Zealand)
  4. Law Commission perspective (Ireland)

More information on the IALS Law Reform Project: here.