The ICON•S Mundo Conference is one of the most important academic Public Law events of 2021, gathering more than 1,500 scholars and providing around 300 panels that will operate in diverse time zones compatible with all of the world’s regions.

On July 6, 17:40 – 19:10 UTC the panel “Challenges of multilevel legislation and democratic acountability” will take place.

Panel abstract: In multilevel legislative settings, such as the European Union or a federation, several problems may arise from the necessary coordination between levels. These problems may be connected with the differences of techniques of legal drafting, the desire to resist or comply with supranational standards, and the level of commitment with the supranational level. There are also significant problems of democratic accountability, because the lower levels are bound by the need to legislate in compliance with obligations that are set by the supranational level, and are accountable for choices that, ultimately, they did not made. This panel provides a reflection from both sides of the Atlantic, from the EU and from Brazil, that enter into dialogue about common problems and possible solutions.

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