Since 1995, the International Legislative Drafting Institute at Tulane University in New Orleans has offered a two-week training opportunity for more than 600 legislative drafters and members from 100+ jurisdictions around the globe.

This year will offer Institute training remotely via Zoom—lectures, assigned readings, and exercises that registrants can view in their home jurisdictions.

The Zoom Institute consists of two-hour instructional components taught daily during June 14-25.

Week one: drafting in Plain Language

The Week One curriculum (June 14-18) consists of presentations that focus on the stylistic challenge of crafting good legislation: week one: drafting in Plain Language

  • Monday, June 14: “Getting Started” and “Drafting Manuals and Formularies”
  • Tuesday, June 15: “Plain Language Drafting Part I”
  • Wednesday, June 16: “Plain Language Drafting Part II”
  • Thursday, June 17: “Regulatory Drafting (Subordinate Legislation)”
  • Friday, June 18: “Parliamentary Drafting Instructions” and “Constitutional Drafting”

Week two: subject-matter drafting

Week Two (June 21-25) focuses on drafting in various subject areas, including (listed alphabetically) Agricultural Legislation, Election Laws, Environmental Treaties and Laws, Freedom of Information, Human Trafficking, and Justice Systems.

More information here.