A new edition of the Commonwhealth Association of Legislative Counsel (CALC) Newsletter has been released.

The June edition is divided in two parts and includes:

•         A report from CALC’s new President, Geoff Lawn;

•         A profile of the new CALC Council 2019‒21;

•         A report on, and many photos from, the April 2019 CALC Conference in Livingstone, Zambia;

•         Minutes for the CALC Ordinary General Meeting held there on 2 April 2019;

•         Celebrations of Anniversaries of Law Drafting Offices in British Columbia, Canada, and in Scotland, UK;

•         Many items of interest, such as a Regulatory Institute and Handbook and the Pacific Islands Drafters’ Forum meeting held in Suva, Fiji, on 20 June 2019);

•         Details of new CALC members.

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