The Korea Legislation Research Institute and the Lisbon Centre for Research in Public Law (LCRPL) celebrated a protocol on the past 17th of September, at Lisbon Law School, to promote cooperation in legislative research. The KLRI was represented by its President, Mr. Ik-Hyeon Rhee and the LCRPL by Professors João Tiago Silveira and Rui Guerra da Fonseca.

The Korea Legislation Research Institute is a government-funded research institute specializing in legislation in the Republic of Korea.

Established in July 1990, it supports the government formulating national legislative policies and creating a better legislative culture in Korea.  The KLRI also publishes annual reports on legislation proposes effective legislative solutions to pending policy issues, based on its high-quality research outcomes; collects, translates and provides information on legislations of many countries around the world; and promotes cooperation in legislative research by building cooperation systems with research institutes and law schools .

On the same day the protocol was signed, Drs. Kyungho Choi, Hyunsook Cha and Choi You, researchers at the KLRI, did presentations on the work carried out at this Institute, followed by  presentations from researchers at the Lisbon Centre for Research in Public Law.