The joint meeting of the Research Committee on Sociology of Law of the International Sociological Associationand of the Sociology of Law and Justice Section of the Portuguese Sociological Association is being held in Lisbon, at ISCTE-IUL. The topic of this meeting is Law and Citizens beyond the States.

The Rules for Legislative Drafting in Portuguese-speaking countries and Regions research project  presented a session today about Better regulation and its importance for citizens and companies in Portuguese-speaking countries and regions the 13th September (session # 3101).

This session included 4 papers: i) Rules for legal drafting in Portuguese-speaking countries/regions research project (Inês Inverno, João Tiago Silveira & Rui Lanceiro) ii) the Portuguese Legislation Observatory /Observatório da Legislação Portuguesa and the quantitative assessment of legislation as an exercise of citizenship (Sónia Rodrigues & Inês Inverno) iii) Social norms: its importance for regulatory impact assessment (Raquel Franco) iv) Regulatory impact assessment in the Government legislative process: the Portuguese case (Mariana Melo Egídio, António Delicado & Gonçalo Carrilho).

Whilst presenting these papers, the researchers intend to show how better regulation can improve the life of citizens and the activity of companies within and, perhaps, beyond nine specific States and Regions.

More information about the session: here.

More information about the meeting: here.

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