The Catalan Journal of Public Law [Revista Catalana de Dret Públic] has published issue number 64 with a monographic section on the quality of law.

The topic the editors aim to explore is: what characteristics does the law need to have in order to be a good law? This introduction provides a brief overview of the minimum requirements that a study on this issue should have.

According to the opening article, the questions raised are five: 1. Does the law adequately communicate the message you wish to convey? In this context, at least studies in linguistics and the philosophy of language are required. 2. Does the enactment of a law cause systemic problems? In this case, legal theory is useful. What is the degree of compliance with and enforcement of the regulations issued? This point needs to be addressed with tools from sociology and social psychology. 4) Is this an effective and efficient law? Economic analysis would provide a good service. Are the measures enacted consistent?

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