The journal “Studia Juridica” – Journal of the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw – has just launched a special issue on Legislation and Lawmaking. This issue presents pertinent contributions to recent academic and practical discussions of the legislative process. See the table of contents:

Michał Jabłoński, Krzysztof Koźmiński – Good law-making in Poland: Problems
and challenges

Barbara Błaszczak – The theory of welfare economics and tax regulations: An
empirical example of Pigouvian taxes

Agata Breczko – Structural depth in reforms induced by IMF programs: Insights
from the Fund’s major debtors

Zuzanna Buszman – Beyond the courtroom: The evolution of rights-based climate
litigation from Urgenda to Held and its policy impact

Robert Grzeszczak, Kamil Kapica – ‘Better Regulation Programme’ in the European
Union: Pros and cons

Miłosz Kłosowiak – Powers of the National Revenue Administration with regard to
temporary attachment of movable property: Legislative aspects

Oktawian Kuc – Obligation to comply with ICJ decisions: The Jurisdictional
Immunities saga within the Italian legal order

Aleksander Leszczyński, Michał Macidłowski – On the standards of law-making
in criminal law: A Polish example

Joachim Osiński, Izabela Zawiślińska – The Storting legislative process:
Pragmatism of solutions and the quality of law

Mateusz Pękala – Ex-post analysis as an integral part of the legislative
decision-making process

Piotr Rączka, Seweryn Sasin – Automation of administrative acts: An example
of the German Administrative Procedure Act

Maciej Ślifirczyk – Consequences of the impossibility of fulfilling tax

Dawid Ziółkowski – Importance of the principle of decent legislation for Polish
administrative law

Read the Special Issue in Open Access here: