Issue 3 of volume 7 of the journal The Theory and Practice of Legislation has been recently published online.

The guest editors, Drs. Nir Kosti, David Levi-Faur, and Guy Mor, have assembled a Special Issue dealing with various aspects of the relationships and interactions between regulation and legislation. It counts with the following articles:

Legislation and regulation: three analytical distinctions by Nir Kosti, David Levi-Faur, and Guy Mor

Considering a duty to delegate in designing regulatory legislation by Asaf Wiener and Elad Man

Beyond legislation: reconsidering the locus of power in EU regulatory governance by Sandra Eckert

Statutory delegation, agency authority, and the asymmetry of impact analysis by Jerry Ellig and Michael Horney

Policymaking in the United States: constraining a runaway executive branch by Shany Winder

Parliamentary arbitrage and the case for regulatory policy in parliament by Guy Mor & Alon Jasper