Dear IAL member,

You may have heard about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is taking effect in Europe later this month. The GDPR improves transparency and data privacy rights of individuals. We’re writing to explain how our practices align with GDPR.

Individual control and transparency are core IAL principles. As a member of the IAL, you are in control of what information is added to your record, who can view that information, and who has access to your data.

We continue to monitor the evolving interpretation of the regulation to ensure your rights are protected.

Privacy Policy

The following entities have access to your data for thre following specific purposes:

The IAL membership list is kept by the IAL secretary, who is the only person able to send communications to members.

The IAL Treasurer has access to the list of members for the purposes of ensuring payment of subscription fees.

Finally, Nomos publishers have access to your contact data for the sole purpose of offering information and discounts on legislation related publications.

We do not offer access to our membership list to any other entity, private or legal person, and for any other purpose.

Your rights as a user under GDPR

You are the only source of data provider for our membership list. You can amend your data in writing to

Frequency of communication

We only contact members for the purposes of pursing payment of subscription fees, or for presenting opportunities for cooperation in research and publication projects. All other information is posted on the IAL website.

If you wish to confirm or amend your data access details at any point, please use the form at the link below:

For any concerns or questions, please contact the IAL President at