The Portuguese Electronic Republic Gazette of Portugal (Diário da República Electrónico – DRE) has been renewed and is more up to date.

The redesigned single-column graphics, in plain text, with the opening of a new page for each act to be published, aims to provide more access to legislative information.

In order to improve the DRE, features were developed to help the user to organize information and increasingly intuitive search tools were implemented. Reading the DRE on the cell phone, is also now easier.

Existing tools have also been improved, such as the Lexionary – dictionary of legal concepts especially aimed at non-jurists, which explains, for example, what a vital testament is – and the Legal Translator – legal glossary translating the specific lexicon of law into other languages.

In order to reach a wider audience, the focus is also on translations into English, either full diplomas or summaries of legislation.

More information here.