A Special Workshop on “Juridical Time and Temporalities: Challenges for Legislation, Rule of Law, Justice and the Future of Democracy” is being arranged to take place during IVR 2024. Organisers Patricia Mindus (IEA Paris, France & Uppsala University) and Mauro Zamboni (Stockholm University) have opened a call for contributions for presentations at the event.

The workshop proposes to reflect on juridical time, temporalities in law, time-related legal concepts and the social acceleration of time for lawyers and law-makers. The basic idea is that these matters are critical parts of the architecture of the legal order, but also of the democratic constitutional state. The workshop aims to bring together jurisprudents and legal theorists with an eye for the role of time in law. The long-term goal to develop modalities of representing time-related phenomena in the law. The purpose of this special workshop is to showcase and develop works-in-progress rather than completed papers.

To participate
Please do register for the conference at the conference website and send an email indicating name, affiliation, title of your talk, and a short 300-word abstract no later than 31 March 2024 to ivr2024juridicaltime@gmail.com

Learn more about this workshop here.