In 4 years, the Interinstitutional Agreement on Better Lawmaking will reach its tenth anniversary. Since the adoption of the Interinstitutional Agreement, the European Commission has affirmed its commitment to better regulation, emphasizing the need to for EU institutes to cooperate in the lawmaking process, citing better regulation as a ‘joint effort’ between both EU institutions and stakeholders.

This half-day symposium raises the question what results may we expect by then? If EU legislation is to be informed by relevant, robust evidence, how does that translate into effective legislation that communicates clearly to not only professionals, but stakeholders more generally? Will this result in public trust, as prioritized by the Commission? And what flaws must be corrected before that?

During this half-day symposium, we will kick of our series of guest lectures within Renforce’s Building Block on EU Legislation, which will regularly host experts and practitioners to exchange their views on these questions.

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