A new edition of The Loophole is now available.

The Loophole is a journal for the publication of articles on drafting, legal, procedural and management issues relating to the preparation and enactment of legislation.

In this edition you will find the following articles:

Editor’s Notes
A Case Study of the National Assembly of Pakistan during COVID-19 (Mohsin Abbas Syed)
COVID-19 and the Parliament of Singapore (Zhixiang Seow)
Lawmaker – the new legislative drafting service of the UK and Scotland (Matt Lynch)
Drafting Agricultural Legislation (Jessica Vapnek)
Measure for Measure: Recent Canadian Experience with Parliamentary Review Provisions (Charlie Feldman)
Emerging from the shadows: sunset and review clauses – what is required to make them work?, (Dr. Maria Mousmouti and Andy Beattie)
Book Review – Thornton’s Legislative Drafting, 6th edition  82

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