This article argues that contemporary societies are facing an ever-growing over-production of norms which are chocking its efficient functioning. Yet, this idea is subsequently de-constructed, in particular through a comparative analysis of Europe and the USA. The article concludes with some remedies to the situation.

It comes in line with other voices that have raised awareness for this over-production and that have stressed regulations need to become more intelligible.

Professor Sabino Cassese, for instance, has recently commented that there are too many Italian laws and that legal drafting is baroque. This followed the publication of a collection of provisions on Covid-19 by the Italian Civil Protection that brings together 295 pages of all the interventions published in the previous 30 days in a single document.

The article was written by Dr. Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich, Full Professor of Comparative Law at the University of Rome III, Italy.

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